The CMU E-Maritime Medicine initiative aims to foster the use of advanced information technologies for providing first aid and training in the maritime transport sector, for seafarers and seamanship physicians.

The complex information in medicine domain and accelerated emergence of information and new communication technologies in telemedicine is shaping the seafarers’ professional lives.

Constanta Maritime University searches new ways to achieve the full benefits for the health of Maritime Universities’ students and physicians, for training them and developing new methods of giving first aid to seafarers, and to assume the competitive advantage and sustainability using the proposed E-Maritime Medicine portal.

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    eMM Goals
    by Admin User - Thursday, 26 May 2016, 2:31 AM

    The e-Maritime Medicine envisages promoting interoperability in its broader sense. It aims to stimulate coherent, transparent, efficient and simplified solutions in support of cooperation, interoperability and consistency between IAMU members and his partners and transport operators.

    It is ...

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    Available courses

    eMM Workshop 28 MAY 2016

    eMM Workshop 28 MAY 2016